Could Coffee be raising your Blood Pressure?

Most of us can’t imagine starting off the day without a cup or two of coffee. This drink is one of the most popular beverages in America and it is estimated that an incredible 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world each day! All of this is considered normal in our daily diets, but is it?

Some research has linked increased blood pressure with increased coffee consumption and caffeine intake. How true is it and does coffee affect your blood pressure?

The Research

There have been multiple studies that attempted to get to the bottom of this and see just how coffee affects our blood pressure. A review of 34 studies showed that caffeine does impact blood pressure in a way. The studies showed that consuming 1,5 to 2 cups of coffee a day can increase your blood pressure from 6 to 8mm Hg in systolic and diastolic blood pressure for a period of time. This effect lasts for a couple of hours after which blood pressure is measured to return to normal values. 

But the important thing about this is that the effect is more pronounced for people that don’t consume it regularly. For passionate coffee drinkers, this effect is almost nonexistent. 


Short Term and Short Term Effects

Luckily there are no adverse short or long-term effects on your body. Except for the small increase of blood pressure over the course of a few hours after consuming. 

Some studies even provide some evidence that drinking coffee can be quite healthy for you. Drinking it regularly has shown some positive effects on heart disease risk, reducing it by up to 15% on average! This is mostly caused by its active compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects and reduces oxidative stress to the body. For this reason, most researchers conclude that drinking a few cups of it a day might not be bad at all, it might even be quite beneficial! 

But it’s important to note that frappuccinos are not as healthy as a regular cappuccino, espresso, or filter coffee, since the former has a lot of added sugar and substances to it!



Coffee is one of the most popular beverages across the world. While research shows that there are some short-term increases in blood pressure, those effects should dissipate quickly and leave you with no long-term issues at all. 

To the enjoyment of caffeinated drink drinkers all over the world, they can continue on drinking without having to worry about their health. But still, try to limit yourself to up to a few cups a day so that you don’t get jittery and fall asleep easier. 


Keep on enjoying your morning, mid-day, and evening coffee all you want, and don’t worry about the negative side effects of your habits!


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