Can These Things Improve My Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure

There are a lot of myths and rumors going around the internet about what can and what can’t reduce your blood pressure (hypertension). As you know, having high blood pressure can cause a lot of issues down the road, and treating it as soon as possible is important for your long-term health. This is why it is important to know exactly what can help reduce your hypertension and what is just a rumor without any significant reasoning behind it. 

Can Music Lower Your Blood Pressure?

There have been some studies that explore the effects music can have on your blood pressure. While a lot of those studies have fallen flat in getting an answer to this, some recount ones found something interesting. They found that specific music, like classical, or light tunes has shown some capacity to lower your blood pressure. It is believed that it has something to do with people relaxing and listening to music instead of focusing on other things. 

Can Chocolate Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? What if all of that chocolate is good for you? Well, in short, it both is and isn’t. Some research has shown that dark chocolate containing over 50% cocoa, in moderation, can lower your hypertension by a small amount. This is not true for milk chocolate or excessive sweet chocolate sweets. While dark chocolate can help to some extent, it’s not something that will replace your medication anytime soon. 

Can A Standing Desk Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Sitting the whole day behind the desk is something most of us experience on a daily basis. Sitting no matter how comfortable it is, prolonged sitting is not natural and can cause some issues on the spine and some muscles. This is why standing desks have become more popular in recent years. They allow you to sit and stand depending on what you want at the time. These can help break the sitting habit and get you moving and stretching. Not that much is known about its impact on blood pressure but we are sure it can only make the problem better!

Can Nature Lower Your Hypertension?

Spending time outside will surely lower your hypertension at least a little. Spending time in nature is relaxing and walking or running through natural environments will only help you improve your health and relax further, lowering your blood pressure in the meantime. 

What Can Really Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Still, the best thing for your blood pressure is standard medication and lifestyle changes. Eat healthier, lose weight, stress less, sleep well, and take your medication. 

While alternative methods can be good, they should never replace your prescribed therapy and do what doctors recommend!


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